About Surfer the Bar

Expect more than a bar. It’s a true original. Born from a legend – SURFER Magazine.

Each Surfer The Bar is unique to its locale, much like the wide range of surf trips you plan all year. Our brick and mortar destinations allow you to experience first hand what you have loved for over 50 years from SURFER Magazine: award-winning photography, provocative interviews with living legends, film screenings, live music, oh yeah, and the perfect drink and bite to soak it all in.

Drop in some time. We won’t disappoint.

More on SURFER Magazine

The original since 1960, SURFER Magazine is best known as the “bible of the sport” and has been the foremost authority on surf culture for over a half century. Now, the most recognizable brand in action sports has become a ubiquitous presence in print, online, and through high-profile events around the world.